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Coconut Cappuccinos with Elisha Jane


Welcome to my crazy little world. Please join me on your hikes, runs, walks, or showers. Meow Meow Meow. xoxo In these episodes, you really never know what you are going to get. It will be like a box of chocolates... a surprise, but delicious every time. I am passionate about movement, breathwork, nature, music, astrology, the moon, rituals, mindset, 100% chocolate, coconut cappucinos, and more... so much more!I am reading and absorbing information all time, creating non-stop, and trying to save the world- one heartbeat at a time. You can expect me to ramble. You can expect me to say umm too many times (I'm sorry, Ill try to get better about that! haha). You can expect me to challenge the status quo, make up weird words, describe everything in unique ways, and be a ray of light on a rainy day. It is my intention to inspire and to light a fire within your soul. To potentially make you think about things in different ways... to seek truth in it all. I will invite guests on, we will laugh, and muse, and maybe cry... It's going to be real, dope, and fun! And, I am so excited to bring this forward. No time to begin like right now- onward and upward my loves. Thank you for being on this journey with me- walking in light with my heart connected to yours. PS: Join my online movement and wellness community- it is DOPE AF! Get in here! xoxo Love Elisha

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